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My husband Jesse, our daughter Hadley and I are located in Wabasha, Minnesota right on the Southeastern WI border. Our LOVE story with standard poodles began in 2010. Since our first puppy, Molly came home with us; we have been in love and developed an interest in breeding these wonderful dogs. We now have 4 and we couldn't be happier with them! Molly (cream) whom is spayed, Ranger our fully health tested stud- Cash (phantom) another health tested Stud who lives with a guardian family. Bailey (brindle ) whom now is spayed and Quinn our health tested (silver phantom) whom also resides in a guardian home. will be used in my breeding program.

We will be keeping a female out of our December 2017 litter to continue our breeding program. 

We are excited to bring these versatile puppies to your families! They are truly the best! 


The standard poodle is like no other dog you have ever owned.  They are versatile in all that they do. These dogs excel in areas of  obedience,agility,therapy, hunting, water retrieving and are even trained as service dogs to the handicapped.  Standard poodles do well with adjusting to your lifestyle and  can be as active or inactive as you are.  They make the best cuddlers and are the best companion dogs.  Poodles do not shed, as other dogs do, and are safer for people with allergies.

Standard poodles do need their people.  They need to live in the house with you and NEED to be a part of the family. They are not outside dogs. You will be surprised at their high intelligence and how quickly they will pick up their training. Poodles have fairly high coat maintenance.  Their coats need to be brushed or combed regularly and trimmed or clipped about every 4-8 weeks to prevent matting.  You can learn to groom your own dog or take him/her to a professional groomer. When you groom your poodle, and keep them looking good it is very important to them and you will be privileged to have such a wonderful pet living in your home. Please feel free to drop me an email! We love chatting about our poodles!


Clyde-   My husband and I purchased a brindle parti standard poodle puppy from Roemer’s Standard Poodles in June of 2015.  Clyde is neutered male.  He is 32 inches tall at his shoulder, and weighs between 60-65 pounds.  He is a gorgeous color,  full of brindle stripes and patches of brown, white, peach, and black fur.  At the moment he is sporting a very manly mohawk!   Clyde adores children big and small.  He has been around many of our nephews, cousins, and nieces since he was a pup.  Clyde is also great with other dogs.  We also have in our home our 4 year old golden doodle Bella.  Those two are inseparable.  Clyde is very smart, he learned how the invisible fence worked just days after coming into our home and has never wandered or crossed it.  This big poodle is a giant lover, he is content to lay with you on the couch for hours and never move, unless you throw his ball!  We loved our Roemer poodle so much that my father and mother in law bought a beautiful white fixed female in 2016.  She is a full sister to our Clyde.  Chloe is very very smart, and full of energy and love!  Brittany is a great breeder, and dog momma.  We are extremely happy with our Clyde and couldn't imagine life without him! 

Ashley and Tom B.

Valo-     I purchased my first Phantom, Valo from Roemer's. I had been searching for the perfect phantom for a while and I just happened to come across this little guy. Valo has been a great addition to my pack, he's an incredible sweet boy and is a total clown. I'm also incredibly pleased at how he matured, Valo took me by surprise and Finished his UKC Champipnship rather quickly and at the 2017 UKC National Premier. He also earned his AKC Canine Good Citizens the same weekend! I can't thank Brittany enough for trusting me with this beautiful boy.

Bonnie W.

Aspen-               I am a groomer of over 34 years and have had my own salon since 1994. I used to breed and briefly show standard poodles myself. We also have a doggie daycare that we do several times a week here at the salon. I have three standard poodles, one of which came from Brittany. We named her Aspen. She is a brindle and we love her to pieces. Now I could say the usual things about how she is great with other dogs and people, LOVES kids, but that would be nothing that other people say. My husband runs our daycare, and we have my three standards out with the other daycare dogs every day. He describes Aspen as a deer with teeth! I have never seen a poodle as smart as her when it comes to a game of chase with other dogs. She is so smart and can outrun any dog that we have here, including great danes! She can turn on a dime, and jump straight up four feet in the air from a stand still. She would make a great agility dog! Her temperment is wonderful, and I would recommend a dog from Brittany if you want an all around great standard poodle! We are very pleased and love seeing her blossom as she continues to grow into a mature standard. She just seems to really love life!

Tracey K.

Becky-         Dog as Copilot's Gipsy Danger RATI RATO CA BCAT is my Becky girl. She is a daughter of Ranger and Quinn and a more perfect poodle could never be found. She is a delight to train and compete with, and an absolute joy to live with. The experience of working with Brittany Roemer to put a deposit on the litter, identify the perfect puppy for me, and bring her home was seamless. Brittany was with me every step of the way and sent weekly updates as the litter was born and grew up. Brittany continues to be a great source of advice and she remains interested in her puppies for life. Becky is my best friend, my service dog, and my foundation bitch. She’s only just now two years old, but she has been successful at every turn. She is athletic, smart, biddable, and funny. She is made of bounce and floof and love. I could not be prouder of her accomplishments and abilities, but what makes her my best friend is her sweet personality and cuddly nature.

Laura A.

Tigger-         Hi Brittany, just wanted to send you an update on our precious Tigger:). He is such a wonderful boy! He is so affectionate and good-natured. He does not have a mean bone in his sweet body! We are so thankful that you produced such an amazing boy for us to love! We would gladly refer others to get a standard poodle from you!! Our daughter is expecting her first baby, and we are so excited to see how Tigger is with the baby! He is just the most loving dog, and a beloved family member:)). Thanks again for our sweet Tigger!

Kelli B.

Quinn-         As soon as I brought him home, Quinn has been a great addition to my family. He has been great to train, a super fast learner, great for his hair cuts and extra cuddly. He still falls asleep in my lap at 8 months old! Everyone he meets is very impressed with how loving he is. He has never met a stranger.

Heidi F.

Amora-        I am so happy with the choice I made getting a Roemer Poodle. I wanted a pup that was healthy, social, sweet, well mannered, and had drive to work. She checks off all those boxes! She is completely adorable with her flashy brindle coloring to boot! As soon as I laid eyes on this puppy I could see the time, energy and love Brittany puts into these dogs. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to get a standard poodle.

Tia L.

Smarty-       Our Smarty is doing great! He is a good natured daddy's boy and he loves his walks in our new neighborhood! Yes he held his beautiful black and even though he wasn't purchased for potential hunting prowess he definitely has that instinct! He is a beautiful dog with beautiful form [❤] [❤] [❤] love our baby!

Nancy S W.

Khan-  When I began my search for a family dog, I kept getting drawn back to standard poodles for their lovable nature, intelligence and pack loyalty. I asked for the biggest male in the litter, and I got the biggest teddy bear! Great personality, very athletic, and loves snuggles with his ‘big’ sister. Khan (2 years old DOB 12/7/15) -Danielle & Caley Harris, PA

Danielle H.

London-     I have a Roemer poodle puppy she is the best... her name is London ....She is a quick learner, loves to cuddle, gets along great with kids adults and other animals ...she lets me put all kinds of fun hats and outfits on her ...she is so patient with me but she doesn't like her picture taken ...London and I were at a party and an 8 year old asked me how do you get her hair so soft ? I said she just came like that ! That's the greatest thing about Roemer poodles their coats are so soft and fluffy ...I could go on and on. Thanks Brittany

Shary M.



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